About the Author

We all need a daily dose of quality entertainment or escape from the bustle of life while enjoying the opportunity to think deeper. I hope to share some of the content which I enjoy, such as history, engineering, automotive science, quality music. Much of my reading pleasure has led me to write some of my own work.

On the science of modern energy, Aqualene is a work that came out of my desire to anticipate the arrival of clean revolutionary fuel in a dramatic science-driven tale of independent entities versus big industrial interests.
From a retrospective view of frontier life in America you’ll find my Llano Kid book series; four short novels that chronicle the adventures & challenges of a Cherokee/Irish drifter of the 1870s navigating life as a “half-breed”. The books are written to entertain and inspire all ages with diverse characters facing intriguing problems in need of resourceful solutions, true to that period. The genre can be considered western / historical fiction.

My career has been largely in Education, giving me a purpose to help learners of all ages discover the gift of literacy and better understand the mysteries of math & science. I published The Mathemagician for the benefit of young children, and I created Read & Write Cherokee Now to help language learners fully enjoy literacy in a native tongue.

To help balance out life, my amateur musical endeavors include guitar, drums and some piano. I believe our personal successes are rooted in what we do with our time each day.

A successful parent spends quality family time with the children. Musicians develop their craft through creativity and practice. An accomplished author reads and writes regularly.
Best wishes in bringing success and happiness to your own endeavors!

Paul K Brown

Contact: pkbrow@gmail.com