Here you can find my current books of realistic and historic fiction. As an educator, it is my desire to write quality works that provide clean and fun entertainment, without relying on obscenities or distasteful violence. Language is indicative of the period/setting and may include dialogue that includes mild slurs that were common from unsavory characters at the time. Messages in my stories are universal to standard ethics.

The LLANO KID series was written to entertain fans of the western genre. Many of my inspirations came from Louis L’Amour who wrote dozens of great works over a long career as “America’s Story Teller”. The Llano Kid series is written for readers of all ages. Each novel is about one-hundred pages.

My energy thriller , titled AQUALENE, is a near-future chronology of what happens when petroleum runs out in a world thirsty for gasoline. Here is a David & Goliath story of a young mineralogist pitted against the long hand of Big Oil. Settings include the International Space Station, Underground Seattle, and a secret refinery in California. Multiple plot lines augment the complexity of the subject, making this novel more desirable to sophisticated readers.