Judging Character

Whether it’s cops & robbers, teens & parents, cowboys & Indians, or any other personality on stage, screen or in a novel, we actively make character judgements about them. We do the same in our own community!

Sometimes our judgements are vague or subtle impressions. But most of our mental reactions of another person are based on actions and words. Well-known characters in the media often appear larger than life, owning up to deeds that make a huge impact on society: A woman challenges traditional stereotypes to become a top mathematician inside NASA. A politician employs deception to appease voters. Positive or negative, the examples are countless.

Character judgements define who we are, sometimes without a choice. But mostly we earn our character definitions by the way we fulfill our lives, by our words and our deeds.

In 2022 we all face our own character choices and the potential conflicts that go with them. How will our character be defined during the pandemic? What will people think or say about me if I choose to be reckless or selfish in public places, in light of the fact our community’s essential workers are stretched thin? While dedicated people are risking their safety to provide us with goods and services?

One’s character includes a set of expectations and responsibilities. How we carry them out defines who we are and what we value in our community.