Polls & Voting

The polls in the U.S. indicate an overwhelming percentage of citizens support smart policy related to curbing climate change. A majority of Americans support real change in systemic racism and policing. The lion’s share of people in the U.S. support equal civil & legal rights for LGTQ citizens. A significant number greater than half support DACA recipients as productive tax paying members of society who deserve a legal path to citizenship.

Now the question one must ask is: Will that overwhelming majority get out and vote for candidates who have consistently and honestly aligned themselves with curbing climate change, address racism from the heart, upholding a commitment to equal rights, seeking a path to citizenship for DACA recipients?

After all, an overwhelming support of positive, prudent, and productive governance means nothing unless people VOTE for it at the polls in November.

There are many accounts of capable and legal voters who neglected their right to vote in 2016. As a result, our nation’s leadership has undergone a transformation that appears to run counter to what the polls tells us of smart governance. Are more years of the same postures worth sitting home on voting day in November?

As always, I will exercise my right to vote. Will you?