Read and Sleep Better!

In these dark days of winter why not take a book to bed? After all, studies show reading helps you sleep better, while the video screen emits blue light that suppresses your sleep cycle. Oddly, watching a movie reduces your brain’s level of activity … but does nothing to help you sleep.

On the other hand, reading is a great workout for your brain and does help you get those desired winks!

And just like a hardy workout at the gym, reading gives your brain a healthy boost. When your brain is active, it is better able to do the things necessary to give you a good night’s sleep. Reading has been proven to make people feel better about their sense of creativity while building a stronger vocabulary.

The smartest people tend to spend more time reading rather than watching images programmed for the mind to passively take in. Thinking levels drop significantly, reducing the tendency to sleep deeply.

Anybody who is in the habit of reading before bed will tell you that it really does work. Reading for as little as 10-15 minutes makes a big difference for your mind. Whether you’re reading a good suspense novel or your favorite magazine, it’s an easy way to dive into quality sleep.

But you can over do it by reading until the crack of dawn to find out who really done it!. So keep it within an hour. When your eyes start to go bandy and you find yourself nodding off, time to hit the hay.

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