When Oil Runs Out!

Some day it will happen! Fossil fuels won’t be enough to keep up with our insatiable demand for gasoline, plastics, and the many other bi-products of oil. Even with plenty of oil still in the ground, a time will come when alternative packaging, fuels, and lubricants will undercut the oil industry.

But there will be a fight to get there!

Imagine impossible gas lines. Miles of cars littered along the roadway. Air and sea travel restrictions. Overall mobility grinding to a halt.

A remarkable fuel substitute will be the only answer! A fuel that burns clean, runs existing vehicles, and is cheaper to make; and cheap to buy. Economies around the world will be bent on their heads until an replacement for gasoline exists.

That’s where Aqualene comes in. NASA has been working on a fuel substitute for years, the project ignited not only by the impending realities, but also the results of a re-analysis of lunar rocks. It just so happens certain elements in lunar rock formation contain highly volatile properties when the right catalyst is applied.

Once Aqualene becomes a highly sought after formula to the oil industry, mysterious events unfold in one of NASA’s secret underground labs. A fire not only guts the lab, but much of the data is lost. A resurrection project begins in earnest with engineers and mineralogists summoned, across the country.

Months later, Adam Harlow is working beneath Seattle’s streets in an underground laboratory posing as a USGS station. He ragtag team; a steam tunnel maintenance man and a Chinese math student, work feverishly to rediscover the Aqualene formula. One morning when Adam has stepped out, intruders seeking data end up committing a murder in the lab.

In the midst of a police interrogation, Adam Harlow realizes his perished lab assistant had been on to something. Mr. Harlow knows one more thing: He needs to get the formula to NASA before Big Oil gets to him!

While a screenplay is currently in the making, the novel titled, AQUALENE: High Adventure to Clean Energy is available on Amazon.