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Who are we Americans?

As we look back over the events of the past two weeks people are asking: What went wrong in America? Was mass protest, anger, grief, demands for change all the result of Minneapolis police who made a string of gravely wrong judgments in the use of force, leaving an unarmed Black man dead, and for […]

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Truths about the Old West

For many of us living today, Hollywood and paperback novels serve as our favored glimpse into the Old West. Marauding gunmen ride into towns with free license to terrorize the innocent. Scores of infamous gunslingers parade their reputations of being the fastest gun west of the Mississippi. The Indian, a heartless heathen never to be […]

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A New Normal in Education?

Much is on the table about what “learning” will look like in the coming school year and beyond. No doubt, educators have faced a steep learning curve while operating virtual classrooms from home following closures across the country, across the world! The delivery of effective and meaningful education has always been a topic in the […]

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Who was the Llano Kid?

The origin of the Llano Kid moniker goes back to the 1930s, at which time my father was growing up in rural Texas. In the small town of Burkett, the Kid was considered a neighborhood or “town” bully. It was said that he sought any form of mischief possible to pass idle time. One day, […]

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New Screenplay Coming!

Based on my energy thriller novel: Aqualene, a screenplay has been in the works. This came about after hearing from several readers who feel the story will make a fantastic motion picture. With multiple plot lines, a diverse cast of characters, and the realities of excessive power and influence in our world’s energy sector, FLASHPOINT […]

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When Oil Runs Out!

Some day it will happen! Fossil fuels won’t be enough to keep up with our insatiable demand for gasoline, plastics, and the many other bi-products of oil. Even with plenty of oil still in the ground, a time will come when alternative packaging, fuels, and lubricants will undercut the oil industry. But there will be […]

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